Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Bike Lanes

I think last week gave us a glimpse of what winter riding will be like when the real wintery weather hits.  All and all, not to bad.  I'm not sure why they don't just go ahead and plow the bike lanes too, but I rode in the main lane until I needed to let a car pass and only pulled over into the bike lane to let them do so.  For kids riding on the sidewalk, it can be very slow going with some slips and falls to be expected.  I find a snow-suit gives the kids a feeling of invulnerability about falling, but maybe it's just my 6-year-old boy who feels this way.  The rides definitely take longer, and you may discover, as I did, that your gloves are just crap for sub-zero temperatures.  Equipment failures aside, it's definitely worth the trouble to get out in this weather.  It gives the everyone in the family a sense of equanimity to experience riding in different kinds of weather.  Winter riding gives the kids a real connection to the seasons as you travel the same pathways, passing familiar trees and landmarks.  Not least of all, riding on snow and ice improves balance and makes your kids better riders in all warmer weather and on poorer road conditions.


  1. Great post! Glad you guys are getting out there and braving the weather. A lot of what you wrote about experiencing the seasons through biking resonates with me. We are having similar experiences through our 15 minutes outside project. Did you take all these pictures? What kind of camera are you using these days? The third one down, the curved road with graffiti? That is an incredible shot!

  2. Thanks, Laura. I did take all these pictures. I'm using a Kodak Easy Share ZD15, a little digital camera with 10X optical zoom. It's been an adventure learning to take pictures out on bike rides. I love that curved pathway picture too. It's of the end of the Manhattan bridge coming into Chinatown on the Manhattan side.